The answer is YOU!

Your family, friends, work and community provide the context for what’s within you to emerge. You come here with ‘it’. It being the purpose and direction that you’re here to fulfill and to reflect the cosmos in alignment with your true self.

We have so many things that pull and tug on us, but as you mature, the priority of your practice goes up to the top, and you discover your spiritual and mental stamina.

Start with spiritual practice, and allow that to colour your day. And don’t live in ignorance. Know and realise that every single thing that happens in your day is for your spiritual growth. Absolutely everything, each and every atom in your life has its purpose.

Meditate every day, eat properly, be the vehicle for your message in revealing the purpose of life. The river of time flows in both directions. We don’t live in a linear Universe. You are a divine identity in the mind of the Universe. What came first was consciousness, your spiritual practice opens you up to that.

The entire universe supports you, the ancestors, the angelic guidance, everything rushes to serve when you are ready. This is a participatory process, you have to participate. The Universe doesn’t work for you, allow the Universe to work through you to achieve your inner purpose and inner connection. The answer is YOU!

Stay blessed.

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