The Pressure

It’s been less than twenty four hours since I officially gave birth to my Blog. And I’m already feeling the pressure of keeping this baby alive, to feed her with content, to nurture and empower her with stories, to ensure her wellbeing is accounted for by attracting more traffic and support.

Did you feel this when you first started blogging? How was it for you? What did you learn about yourself? And what did you learn about creating and sharing content that was so close to your heart and soul?

I often find that the pressure we put on ourselves is always tougher than the pressure others put on us. We ask so much of ourselves and yet we are who we live for in the end. Nothing really matters. We are nothing. And we are everything.

So I ask myself this question… WHY? We are here to discover our true selves, to discover who we really are. Sometimes we feel the need to start over and experience our divine nature, our expressions of pure love and joy. Just like how the ugly Duckling grew up to be a beautiful Swan! Our flock is the Universe and creation in its entirety, helping us along every step of the way in this journey. How blessed we are!

Stay blessed.

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