Remember Love.

We are so critical of ourselves don’t you think? We sometimes even beat ourselves up over the littlest of things.

Life is our greatest teacher. Life is our greatest task master. We sometimes think our parents, our teachers, our bosses, our mentors or our elders are our greatest task masters. But we are often wrong. Life itself presents us with the greatest challenges to overcome. Life tests our courage, our bravery, our potential to be compassionate and to live simply.

The thing is… we are here on earth to remember… to remember who we really are. We are here to experience the power of our boundless selves. The great spirit that is within each and every single one of us. How can we forget this mission? How can we not even remember this mission? We need to stay ever present. And be kind to ourselves.

The next time you are stressed out… or feeling overwhelmed… or a little hard on yourself… or feeling like you’re sinking deeper into the rut of life… Remember… you are stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and braver than you believe. Just remember to stay connected. Remember Love.

May the force be with you and have a wonderful week my beautiful people!

Stay blessed.

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