Be Accountable

More often than not, we feel like we have little or no control over our lives and our circumstances. And the fact is that we have much more control over life than we think or believe.

The truth is, we choose, in every moment, in every day, in every way, the way we want to live and love. Perhaps we don’t have total control! But we have the power to make decisions and to control the way we feel about situations, people and circumstances. The feelings we choose to feel help us navigate our lives with more clarity and power.

Today, I wanted to remind myself to be more accountable and take ownership of the way I feel about the big things and even the littlest of things. In this lies great power and responsibility. We all have so many expectations about life and what it has to offer, yet often we forget that we are responsible for creating the bulk of these outcomes based on our choices and constant choosing. Today and always, we must be accountable. We must be responsible. We must continue to choose what is best for us and the higher good.

The clock continues to tick, the moments continue to pass, invest your time wisely and fill it with what matters most to you.

Stay blessed.

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