Have you ever spoken to your knee?

Today’s inspiration is one of my heroes Shane Rao, my dearest friend whom I like to call ‘Shine’, because he really does.

Now you are probably wondering what the title is all about and what that has to do with anything. Beware … you need to be open-minded to read and digest what I (we) have to say.

So you know that our minds and bodies are connected and work together in synergy right? Let’s go back to the basics. I believe that what we feel emotionally and mentally always reflect in our bodies and health and everything is truly interconnected.

So what’s the story you ask?

Well… my friend ‘Shine’ was complaining about his knee pain that he had recently and he said to me “You know Hareni, the other day I had excruciating knee pain, so I decided to speak to it, and ask what’s going on”. He was so determined to get through his day without his knee playing up, so he decided to have a conversation with his knee. This ‘heart to knee’ conversation resulted in a miraculous disappearance of his pain!! How does this even make any sense you ask?

Well… he became present in the moment that he connected with his knee, his body, his temple. His ‘heart to knee’ conversation allowed him to become deeply conscious and one with the pain, it enabled him to heal himself. And he had no idea he even had this power! He was pleasantly surprised and told himself he should do this more often.

So what’s today lesson (to myself and perhaps you)? The next time you are in pain or experiencing a health issue, talk to yourself or that part of you that is struggling or suffering, have a ‘heart to heart’ with yourself, check in, see how you’re feeling, like really feeling, and sort out your emotions. Because every single feeling and emotion will reflect in your body and in your overall being. Every single atom in your body is alive. Have you forgotten that? Well, now it’s time to remember. Enjoy the magical experience of connecting with your inner being to heal everything you truly are! And that is love.

You have so many stories to tell. And your body has carried you through so much. Remember to be grateful for how far you’ve come. And prepare for the beautiful road ahead!

If you’re keen to learn more about the connection between your mind and body, I highly recommend the book ‘The Secret Language Of Your Body’ by Inna Segal.

Thanks to my dearest brother ‘Shine’ for constantly inspiring me with your stories of strength and perseverance. You truly are a warrior of light and I can’t wait for the world to hear your stories (straight from the source). I am grateful for having the opportunity to be your messenger girl (just this once).

Keep ‘shining’ everyone!!

Stay blessed.

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