Synchronicities are like warm hugs from the Universe. In the last few weeks I’ve been mind blown by the number of synchronistic events and occurrences in my world. I’ve started to watch them closely now. Not just because they constantly remind me of the causal nature of the bridging between thought and creation but also because they have taught me to be grateful for being divinely guided and blessed.

In fact, just yesterday I wrote a whole blog piece about ‘Synchronicities’. I saved it to publish at a later time and then I just couldn’t retrieve the file. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched endlessly in all my folders and was so sure I saved it carefully on the cloud. That’s ironic right? The fact that I wrote about synchronicities and the content itself disappeared without a sound.

So what’s the lesson here? To let go? To let love? To accept everything as it is and not to question it? To understand the magical nature of life and the universe? To be grateful for the showers of divine energy and blessings? To consciously remember that every thought and intention is being magnified to a whole new magnitude at present?

I could have been easily crestfallen by this experience. However, I am conscious of the fact that when synchronicity occurs it allows us to see and experience the higher power that is at work in our lives. It is important to not take these occurrences for granted and to be truly appreciative of them. I know there is a lesson in all this, even if I don’t understand it at this present moment. These occurrences keep us grounded and remind us that there are so many things happening around and beyond us that we can’t see or decipher.

So what did I want to communicate to you today? In this time of magical thinking and conscious creation, we need to stay continually present and aware of what we are manifesting through our intent and wishes! Think positively. Watch attentively. Wish abundantly. Everything is moving so rapidly. Everything is being digested literally and immediately. There’s no time to waste. There’s no chance of messing about. This is the real deal. It’s 2020! The year of magical manifestations.

This blog post may not be identical to what I wrote yesterday. I have peace in my heart knowing that yesterday’s content was for my own personal soul’s growth and these spiritually charged words were meant to be shared.

Stay blessed.

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