The Force

I have been swallowed up by all of life’s commotion and confusion of late and although that is no real excuse, I felt the real need to take a bit of a hiatus from blogging. Everything has its time and place. I dedicated the last few months to personal reflection, learning and introspection.

Today I write because I felt the urge to connect and share. Deliberate creation is a wonderful thing. We need to regularly tune in within to connect with our highest intentions and then roll out that intent with the simple actions we take, moment by moment. And in this moment, the words just flow.

Having present moment awareness is truly a beautiful feeling. It gives us our power back. The force is always with us. It is also within us.

I had a funny experience earlier this week when I received a totally random ‘chuckle-worthy’ Tweet by @yodaism (A Wise Yoda Bot) on Twitter. The words from the Tweet were, “With you, the force is strong”. And the timing was impeccable. I needed to hear it in that moment. It could not have been orchestrated any better than that.

Today’s reminder to myself (and you) is that everything is perfect as it is. Everything is connected and always is. And whether we like to believe it or not, each atom of creation is flawless. Like yourself!

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