Love Melts Fear

We are born fearless and enter the world usually screaming with gusto. Well, at least that is how I like to picture it.

Over time however, we learn fear through our conditioning, our experiences, our circumstances, our attitudes and due to the uncertainty of life itself. So how do we melt this fear you ask?

Well, the answer is always love from my personal perspective. Love for ourselves, love for each other and love for life itself. Sounds too simple right?

My next lap around the sun is fast approaching and as I prepare to celebrate, I attune to my core purpose in life which is to remember love. And to let love in through every moment. That is why I choose to wake up every day.

Love truly melts fear. Love makes the complex appear simple. Love brings solutions to the hard questions. Love truly is incredible, if you know it for what it truly is. Remember love.

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