Those Who Came Before Us

Our Ancestors. Our loved ones that we cannot see but we can definitely feel in every moment. Those who came before us charted outlines of where we need to go and they are probably watching over us right now in anticipation as we have the opportunity to translate their own dreams and visions into reality. In the present moment, so much is possible. It all begins with you.

For a bit of perspective…. let’s share and calculate our ancestral mathematics.

In order for you to be born, you needed =

  • 2 parents
  • 4 grandparents
  • 8 great-grandparents
  • 16 second great-grandparents
  • 32 third great-grandparents
  • 64 fourth great-grandparents
  • 128 fifth great-grandparents
  • 256 sixth great-grandparents
  • 512 sevent great-grandparents
  • 1,024 eigth great-grandparents
  • 2,048 ninth great-grandparents

In order for you to be born today from twelve previous generations, you would have needed a total of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years. Imagine that! That’s colossal. Woah.

Take some moments now to reflect on and honour the many challenges, battles, difficulties, deep sadness, exhilarating happiness, magical stories of love and heartbreak as well as the many expressions of hope for the future that your beloved ancestors would have experienced for you to be here today. Honour all that your ancestors went through for you to exist in this present moment. What a moving feeling that is! A moment of deep connection and utmost gratitude.

We have a real responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by simply doing all that we can to empower those who will come after us. Our ancestors are the ideal guides for healing and motivation to fulfill our destiny as happy and enlightened beings and allowing our future generations to thrive. Our bonds with our ancestors call for care and renewal and honouring these relationships can be a tremendous source of healing, nourishment and empowerment in our everyday lives. With sincere intent and a grateful heart, so much is possible!

I felt truly connected and inspired to reflect on this today. With every breath I take, I know I am being continuously guided by my loved ones, those who came before us. I feel them in the warmth of the sun’s rays. I feel them in the twinkling of the brightest stars in the sky. I feel them in the snuggly hugs from loved ones. I feel them in every pair of eyes I connect with. We are all deeply connected. And we should be forever moved by this!

Life it truly fleeting and we continue to bask in a world of impermanence. Live to simply love, this is the only reason you continue to exhale today.

Stay blessed.

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