Your words are powerful beyond measure. They have the potential to empower or damage you and others! Use them wisely. For it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

As a blogger, I have a responsibility to not only write about topics and themes that resonate with me but also with others. Our words influence others and their worlds and we must be conscious (and cautious) of this when we write.

Our words project certain situations and scenarios, painting pictures of what life is like or should be like, connecting people to us and our stories. Being able to write is a superpower. Have you ever thought about that? We have the opportunity to say so much, to influence change, to create a positive impact on those around us and to be seen, listened to and heard.

So what will you choose to do with your words today?

Keep them positive! Make sure they’re kind! Send good vibes only.

Stay blessed.

Happy World Art Day!

Today is World Art Day. It’s a special day for us creative souls that crave any opportunity to express what’s stirring within us.

I took this opportunity to breathe some life into some beautiful blooms. I love colour, texture and form. And I love painting flowers because I know they will never die. They will continue to smile until the end of time. Art is my gift to the world and creative expression is a gift to myself.

Happy World Art Day beautiful people! May your work shine as brightly as the light of your souls and I pray you enjoy your creative pursuits.

Stay blessed.


Just Give It A Go

There’s so much in life that we don’t know about. And we don’t know about what we don’t know about. That’s right. Read that sentence again if you didn’t digest it the first time.

Sometimes we just have to live and learn. So just give it a go, I say.

What inspired me to write this post? Well… just what I’m experiencing at this point in time of my life. As we get older and continue to do our laps around the sun, we become more and more set in our ways. Three decades for me personally have proven to get me comfortable in my own skin, in my own ways and developing my own patterns of thinking and being.

It’s time to break this cycle. It’s time to strive towards excellence. It’s time to open our hearts and minds to something new. Today. And everyday. Every single day is different. Every single day is a fresh start. A fresh start to learn something. To try something new. Just give it a go, otherwise you’ll never know!

There are so many things that stop us from giving something new a go. More than just our comfort zones, there’s fear, there’s resistance to change, there’s lack of faith and belief, there’s lack of resources and information, there is a never ending list of reasons. And think about it… you are never truly ready to do anything anyway. Sometimes we have to look past all of this and just focus on giving it a go! Whatever that ‘it’ may be.

So… tell me! What’s stopping you from achieving or trying something new today? Are you ready to just give it a go?

We are all mortal beings. Life doesn’t last forever. Today is the perfect time. Don’t wait to do another lap around the sun before you make your move! The power is in the now.

Stay blessed.


Give It Time!

Everything in life and love takes time. Isn’t that the truth? People always say it’s just a matter of time. And it’s true. It’s a somewhat brutal and honest truth.

Sometimes we want certain things, situations and people to just HAPPEN! And the fact is that it all takes time. Everything has a time and a place. As a result, we are forced to learn patience, persistence and perseverance to keep moving forward, to stay focused and to live life to our fullest potential.

Our hearts are strong. And we should be thankful for that! It’s also important to befriend time. Time is our friend. It helps us grow, it helps us heal and most importantly it helps us learn lessons. What would life be without learning and growth? It’d be empty and meaningless right?

Whatever you are waiting for today to happen… take this as a sign from the Universe… just give it time. Let it take its course. Let it happen naturally. Let go. Let love.

Stay blessed.

Heart Clock

Experience is Everything

I’ve learned to love the quiet moments. Despite all the chaos of everyday life.

Experience is everything. Experience is my greatest teacher. That’s why I love the quiet moments. These moments are filled with deep and meaningful lessons which are enriched by my experiences. They speak so loud. All I need to do is connect within, to listen, to absorb, to soak it all in and grow. To grow deeper into myself. Into who I really am.

Everything has the potential to transform us. We just need to learn patience and understand how to relate to each and every moment, every circumstance, every experience. We need to learn how to consciously engage with life so every little thing, every atom of being contributes to our inner awakening.

No matter how evolved we become, we must always stay humble for there is so much to learn and so much more work to be done to grow. Time will never stop for us. So enjoy the quiet moments when you can. They are filled with the greatest wisdom. Listen carefully to what your soul wants to teach you and experience! Your light of consciousness will grow in these beautiful and quiet moments. Stay blessed.

Unfolding In This Moment

What is unfolding in this moment for you? Like right now?

We carry so much ‘stuff’ with us to places we visit, people we see and experiences we encounter. We are conditioned to live moments through filters that interpret the meaning of certain situations, stimulus or content. Isn’t it time to break free from all of this and to simply enjoy the now?

What is unfolding for me in this moment as I type is a deep sense of presence and an amplification of my own feelings. My mind is finally quiet. I’ve become quietly absorbed in the solitary exploration of writing. I am moved by it. I feel a heightened sense of physical and sensory awareness. I am anticipating the unfolding of my own narrative. I feel so alive. I am honoured to experience this feeling of utmost peace and exhilaration.

In this precious moment, I give thanks to the Universe for my time here on earth. To my Amma and Appa, who have selflessly given me more than they have ever had for themselves. To my ancestors for sharing their wisdom, lessons, grace and guidance. I am unfolding in this moment. And I am truly grateful.

Stay blessed.

What Did Not Demolish Me Simply Polished Me

Do you feel this way about certain moments or experiences in your life? Some of us have had to start over. In fact, many of us have had to start over in life. No matter what circumstances, stories or experiences we’ve been through, we’ve had moments where we’ve been destroyed in a matter of seconds and we’ve had to rebuild ourselves from the ground up.

The truth is, what did not destroy us simply polished us. Like diamonds. Even sharper, shinier and sparklier!

Life humbles us so deeply as we age. I’ve been on this earth for just over three decades now and this is the most profound lesson I’ve learned.

Stay blessed.

The Pressure

It’s been less than twenty four hours since I officially gave birth to my Blog. And I’m already feeling the pressure of keeping this baby alive, to feed her with content, to nurture and empower her with stories, to ensure her wellbeing is accounted for by attracting more traffic and support.

Did you feel this when you first started blogging? How was it for you? What did you learn about yourself? And what did you learn about creating and sharing content that was so close to your heart and soul?

I often find that the pressure we put on ourselves is always tougher than the pressure others put on us. We ask so much of ourselves and yet we are who we live for in the end. Nothing really matters. We are nothing. And we are everything.

So I ask myself this question… WHY? We are here to discover our true selves, to discover who we really are. Sometimes we feel the need to start over and experience our divine nature, our expressions of pure love and joy. Just like how the ugly Duckling grew up to be a beautiful Swan! Our flock is the Universe and creation in its entirety, helping us along every step of the way in this journey. How blessed we are!

Stay blessed.

The answer is YOU!

Your family, friends, work and community provide the context for what’s within you to emerge. You come here with ‘it’. It being the purpose and direction that you’re here to fulfill and to reflect the cosmos in alignment with your true self.

We have so many things that pull and tug on us, but as you mature, the priority of your practice goes up to the top, and you discover your spiritual and mental stamina.

Start with spiritual practice, and allow that to colour your day. And don’t live in ignorance. Know and realise that every single thing that happens in your day is for your spiritual growth. Absolutely everything, each and every atom in your life has its purpose.

Meditate every day, eat properly, be the vehicle for your message in revealing the purpose of life. The river of time flows in both directions. We don’t live in a linear Universe. You are a divine identity in the mind of the Universe. What came first was consciousness, your spiritual practice opens you up to that.

The entire universe supports you, the ancestors, the angelic guidance, everything rushes to serve when you are ready. This is a participatory process, you have to participate. The Universe doesn’t work for you, allow the Universe to work through you to achieve your inner purpose and inner connection. The answer is YOU!

Stay blessed.