What has Aladdin taught me?

It’s a fresh new start and you’ve hit the ground running for 2019. What are your hopes and dreams for the year? What do you wish to accomplish? Have you set your intentions and are you willing to watch your dreams come into fruition and take the right course of action to make it all happen?

I’ve got a song stuck in my head at this moment in time. Like right now. As I type away and my thoughts and feelings become present on this screen, I have “A Whole New World” singing repetitively in my head. Random huh? Well, this brings me to my next question… Why? And it has also got me thinking about the following…

What has Aladdin taught me? Growing up, I used to wish I had my own Magic Carpet. I’d give anything to have my own Magic Carpet. I have even dreamt of flying on a Magic Carpet numerous times. For real. And trust me that ride was magical! I felt all the feels. That’s for sure.

There is one massive lesson I learned from the 1992 classic ‘Aladdin’. I learned that Love is a magical, transformative and powerful force that everyone is drawn to no matter who they are or where they are from! It is a universal force that guides us, teaches us, nurtures us, heals us and truly allows us to express ourselves and evolve over time.

And the best thing about Love is… It is free, it is giving, it is abundant, it is priceless.

Aladdin taught me about the power of love. The power of looking beyond what you can see, and to instead really feel. To feel in magnitude with your heart and soul. To allow it to stir within you and melt your fears. To never give up hope. That there is always light at the end of every tunnel. And to allow that light to shine through you!

We can never fully explain in words or even emotions how and why love is so magical. But we still know it to be real. We know it exists. We still feel the connection. We still immerse ourselves in it. Love is not bound by time or space. It is beyond that and more.

Stay blessed.

From Doing to Being

Sometimes it’s important to stop doing and just be. Enjoy ‘being’. It’s a verb. It’s about being present. And aligned. To what’s at the core of your spirit and consciousness.

Life has us running so fast sometimes… from place to place… people to people… from one experience to another. Sometimes we forget to take a break and check in on our alignment. Sometimes we forget to ask ourselves how we are actually doing.

This holiday season I had the privilege of spending time with loved ones. And especially with myself. I got to practice the art of being. To just sit quietly. And to enjoy the solitude that is found in being alone. Not lonely. But alone.

Silence teaches us so much. When we are being, we learn so much about ourselves, we find clarity in our experiences and wisdom in the lessons that we absorb through time and space. I also find that when I invest time in being, a lot of things fall into place effortlessly. I can’t explain why and how this works in words, but they just do. Our point of creation is at its peak when we are in a state of being. It’s critical that we have the right intentions, projections and dreams to fulfil because chances are they will. All in divine timing. And for our highest good. I trust this. I believe this. I know this. I just need to remember this!

Will you make time to stop and just be? Enjoy being.

Stay blessed.

New Beginnings. Welcoming 2019!

A season of newness. A reason to start living consciously, again.

Adventures are the best way to learn and create new memories. Here’s to many more new adventures in 2019 and an abundance of love, light, learning and happiness to boot. Wear courage and bravery, carry strength and perseverance, breathe in new life and restore love in empty places, spaces and with the people you care about the most. Hold your priceless treasures close to your heart, for it is moments and memories that will always be truly yours to keep, and everything else is temporary.

2018 taught me so much. It taught me about my own faith and beliefs, it taught me about pain and hurt, it taught me about people and their intentions, it taught me about being brave and most of all it continued to strengthen my relationship with love. I am forever grateful for all the lessons. And I am humbled by all that life has to offer, as life itself is my greatest teacher.

When I write, I feel aligned with the universe. I sometimes lose my sense of self and my fingers just keep typing away. That’s when I feel most in tune with myself and the source. This is why I write. This is why I’ll continue to share what I learn. Because it keeps me connected. It makes me feel alive. It’s all about my alignment.

What is it that keeps you aligned? Will you do more of whatever that is in 2019? Remember to put yourself first. Instead of making just New Years resolutions that may be temporary, why not think about what’s most important to you. And prioritise that.

May the divine light fill your souls and may your hearts always be full. That’s my New Year’s wish for you! Here’s a picture of my darling boy, Chai and I – stealing kisses since 2015 and counting. It’s the little things.

Happy new year beautiful people! Stay blessed.

Let it find you!

Sometimes you just have to let it find you. The dream home, the dream job, the dream soul mate… put it out there. And by that I mean really put it out there! Get yourself ready, start taking action, have the right intent, make some smart decisions, put yourself out there… and let it find you!

Sometimes we find ourselves searching endlessly for what we want and feel like we’re not even getting any closer to having what we want. It can be frustrating, it can be difficult, it can even be challenging. However… we have to keep pushing forward, going forward fearlessly, taking it just one day at a time, with patience and perseverance.

The truth is, life has its own timing. And sometimes when we expect to see things happen in “our timing”, we get utterly and continuously disappointed. That’s why sometimes, you just have to let it go and let ‘it’ find you. Whatever that ‘it’ maybe!

If you’re looking for a sign or angelic guidance… then this is it. All of this is not by chance! I felt so deeply inspired to write this today, by some sort of force or universal guidance. And I just breathed life into these words to bring this piece to light.

I pray with my sincerest heart of hearts that whatever it is that you’re looking for finds you real soon with open and embracing arms!

Stay blessed.

People That Matter

Spend your time and focus your attention on the people that matter.

They say people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. And that is so true isn’t it?

There’s much merit in meeting and growing with the people you love and genuinely care about. And in the end, it’s all about the lessons that they come to teach you! Every single person in your life is a teacher, do you agree?

So the next time you’re feeling bogged down, busy and your social life is out of control or inactive, think about the people in your life that really matter to you. Be thankful for all that they are and have taught and shared with you. Connect or reconnect with them.

The people that matter are the ones that touch your soul and leave an imprint in your heart! Keep them near, keep them close. And collect moments, not things. Make memories that you’ll treasure forever!

Our time here on this earth is limited. Make every moment count!

Stay blessed.

I Am…

I am kind

I am compassionate

I am giving

I am loving

I am…

I am…

I am…

… so much potential! We need to be more proactive and positive about how we view ourselves and our self affirmations. Let’s be gentle and nurturing and only treat ourselves with kindness.

We often doubt ourselves or put ourselves down when things don’t go the way we expect them to. But… we live and learn… we win and experience… the most beautiful lessons everyday.

The reason why the two words ‘I am’ have so much power and intent… is because we constantly use them to create our realities of who we think we are and what others think we are. It all comes down to what you place at the end of these two magical words. Words are powerful. Intentions are powerful. And you are powerful!

I am supreme

I am divine

I am nothing and everything

Stay blessed.

Feeling Good

When you feel good, everything around you aligns in your favour! The magic of feeling good is not spoken or heard of very often. We are constantly running in a trance, participating in this rat race that we call life, from place to place, from one person to another, in an attempt to try and get shit done (excuse the French). We sometimes forget to stop or even slow down and just be present. It’s nice to take a break at least once in our twenty-four hour long day to feel good. To be present. To be in the moment. To be grateful for all the things that have gone right.

So this is your chance beautiful people! If you are reading this post, ask yourself, have you taken a moment out today to just stop… breathe… reflect… and to feel good? The power of this sensation is simply amazing. It aligns you to your own inner source so you can continue to create more of what you want in your life. It also ensures that you focus on the positive rather than the negative and recalibrates your vibration to take actions that will help fulfil your goals and desires, however big or small they may be. Every little win counts.

Enjoy feeling good and have a wonderful week.

Stay blessed.

Be Accountable

More often than not, we feel like we have little or no control over our lives and our circumstances. And the fact is that we have much more control over life than we think or believe.

The truth is, we choose, in every moment, in every day, in every way, the way we want to live and love. Perhaps we don’t have total control! But we have the power to make decisions and to control the way we feel about situations, people and circumstances. The feelings we choose to feel help us navigate our lives with more clarity and power.

Today, I wanted to remind myself to be more accountable and take ownership of the way I feel about the big things and even the littlest of things. In this lies great power and responsibility. We all have so many expectations about life and what it has to offer, yet often we forget that we are responsible for creating the bulk of these outcomes based on our choices and constant choosing. Today and always, we must be accountable. We must be responsible. We must continue to choose what is best for us and the higher good.

The clock continues to tick, the moments continue to pass, invest your time wisely and fill it with what matters most to you.

Stay blessed.


Hello there to my blogging family! It’s been awhile since I’ve written…

Today I’d like to write about Connection. We connect with people, beings, situations and even objects on a daily basis. How blessed we are! Why? Because we have the natural propensity to feel and connect to so many things with our hearts and souls. We have the opportunity to be intimate with various aspects of life and life itself.

Why is connection so important to me? Because each time you meet someone or something or a situation, you have the valuable opportunity to connect and learn from them, it or the circumstances. What’s most important however is our connection to ourselves, our inner being, our inner light. Staying connected to the source gives us great power and the opportunity to live life fully with grace. Discover the sacred within you.

Right now… you can decide to spend this day… this moment… attuned to and connect with life’s goodness. Do all you can to make this the best day possible for yourself and all those around you.

Stay blessed.