When I lived like a Monk

In December 2011, I renounced my modern life for ten days. The most self-transformational experience that I have ever had in life was completing 10 days of absolute silence (aka Vipassana) in Blackheath during the summer. I was blessed to have the opportunity to greet the mountains every morning, to connect to my core ‘being’ on a daily basis, to discover my truth and purpose in life and to fully heal myself from the severities of life.

My key insights from deep contemplation and introspection during these 10 days would be these simple and profound lessons:

1. Pain is only in your mind.

2. Every little atom in every little thing changes in every little moment.

3. Extreme silence is the channel to digging deep.

4. Self-discovery is merely a breath away.

5. Absolutely everything is connected.

6. It all starts with you.

The reason I give importance to meditation in my life is due to the above reasons and wealth of wisdom I gained from my time away from the ‘real world’. There is no secret or trick to a peaceful state of mind other than humbly tuning inwards. It helps you become a better human being, a better leader and the best version of yourself (for yourself).

Here’s to always being sunny-side-up always!

Stay blessed.

More Time…

We have entered uncertain and unprecedented times. Time has always been a precious and valuable commodity for most of us. Many people have even paid for personal and professional services to help free-up more time and this clearly isn’t a surprise to anyone. Some papers and reports have also published the fact that greater happiness has been achieved through working adults who have invested in time-saving purchases than on material purchases. Yes, we live in a world where we pay for something that should be free. We have lived in a world that has for so long been starved of TIME.

In the current climate, compliments of COVID-19, we have all been blessed with the fortune of additional time for ourselves. Yes, we are RICH!! More time to do the things we love. More time to work. More time to create things. More time to connect and reconnect with those we love (abiding by the rules of social distancing). More time to discover and explore new hobbies and activities. More time to reflect and re-centre. More time to just be…

In a world that is currently fueled with turmoil and fear due to the growing pandemic, it is more important now than ever to stay connected within and manage our (inner and outer) health and wellbeing. And folks, we have all the time in the world to do this, so it’s imperative to take it one step at a time!

Many of us have been given the opportunity to leverage working from home or flexible working arrangements, therefore freeing up more time and space to mindfully tackle those projects we’ve been procrastinating about for yonks. So many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves as we continue to stay safe and stay at home with this newfound wealth of time. Now, as a collective, we also have a chance to think more broadly about the meaning of our homes, our abodes of peace. In the blink of an eye, our world has shrunk to the circumference of a few square metres and that is all we are allowed to acquaint and interact with for the coming months.

Many of you I am sure have probably already spent your pent-up energy on cleaning, cleansing, decluttering and transforming ‘your space’. If you haven’t and you are about to start, take it slow as you have an abundance of time ahead of you to complete this task. Given the current circumstances, we are all going to truly “get stuff done” at home and whether or not we want to or would like to get it done, we’ll be forced to by the sheer boredom that is going to arise.

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay calm and practise mindfulness. Spiritual practices like Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness will aid in your health upkeep and ensure you stay well-balanced. Because after all, a healthy and happy balance is what one aspires to achieve.

So now that we’ve recognised how rich we have truly become in the recent weeks and months, how will you capitalise on your newfound wealth? The current asset that we have should not be under utilised. Time is here to help us to find ourselves again. We are all in this together! Let’s stay connected and help each other along our individual and collective journeys. Welcome HOME!

Stay blessed.


A World of Hope and Healing

Life is a really odd experience right now to say the least. Our current world and projection of reality is one where toilet paper has become somewhat a form of common currency, our mere rugged hands that work tirelessly day-in and day-out are drenched in alcohol-infused hospital grade sanitisers and where big hopes and dreams are continuously being washed away by excessive pandemic panic and toxic thinking. Our world is spiralling into chaos and the mayhem is predicted to only get worse in the coming months.

Here is what I have learned and will incorporate as my coping mechanisms for the weeks and months ahead. I wish to share them with you if you’re interested in incorporating any or all of it. If it floats your boat, steal it and share it. If it doesn’t cause any ripples in your thoughts or consciousness, then my verbiage has only consumed some minute seconds of your precious life.


This pandemic that is COVID-19 is actually happening! You haven’t just woken up into a nightmare or disaster. This is actually happening.

Radical acceptance and self-education is key to understanding the full nature of this disease and sharing the implications of this virus in our communities, our world, our people.

Acceptance does not mean we blindly give in to what is happening around us. Acceptance means to simply be present and stop fighting reality, stop responding with destructive behaviours and let go of bitterness that may suffocate or destroy us and our spirits. I believe radical acceptance is key to reviewing the current situation, putting into place mechanisms to cope and whilst preparing to find solutions to solve the problem. There is absolutely no room for ignorance or to live in a confined bubble right now. The world is currently experiencing a pandemic and we are all at risk! Extra care and safety measures need to be abided by to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.


Learning and education is critical in keeping up with how to look after yourselves and each other. I am no medical professional and my remit via this blog is not to share any medical or professional guidance. What I do know is that this disease does not discriminate! Anyone can get it. And sadly, some will be affected more severely than others, depending on the age segments that they fall into and their status of health and well-being. I encourage everyone to continue reading informative and insightful content and advice from trustworthy and authentic sources, share this information with those at risk and those that should be advised, research and communicate with health professionals that are at your disposal.


Everyone talks about ‘common sense’ and doing the ‘right’ things. There are so many articles and guides online that can be followed to ensure you are less susceptible of being infected with this disease. Do those things, religiously! The time is now. You need to hold yourself accountable and maintain health and strict hygiene practices. Speak to your doctor or a health professional if you’re unsure of what that should look like. Don’t suffer in silence. Ask the silly questions, do your research, be disciplined and informed about what to do and what not to do.


Prepare, prepare, prepare! Be vigilant and take precautionary steps, but also be considerate and don’t hord excessively on supplies. Sharing is caring, especially in challenging and trying times like the present when there is a global shortage of so many necessities. The necessities which we usually take for granted! Think of your loved ones and the wider communities. Allow enough for yourself however remember that there are others that will also need what you need. Be balanced! Be considerate! Be thoughtful!


It’s possible to have unwavering faith but times like this can be particularly trying and soul wrenching for many. We are constantly bombarded by the media, scare tactics are on the rise and we are lost for words and wisdom when people are losing their lives or their greatest asset, their health.

A strong support network is imperative to help you keep going in this chaotic environment. Keep your family and friends close. Here are some simple things to remember and try if your faith is fading:

  • Keep your head up
  • Take it one day at a time
  • Stay positive (sometimes you need to fake it till you make it)
  • Maintain high spirits
  • Have a sense of perspective
  • Share your sentiments with your loved ones
  • Take care of each other
  • Connect with yourself and reconnect with those you haven’t checked in with in awhile
  • Make time for self care
  • Journal and reflect on your experiences
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Genuinely listen and lend a supporting hand
  • Pray and meditate
  • Spend time in nature
  • Takes deep breaths and consume copious amounts of fresh air
  • Practise mindfulness


Let kindness be your superpower. No matter where you are in the world or what your circumstances are, remember you need to be kind to yourself and those around you. Everyone’s under massive stress, stricken by fear or confused and perplexed. In times like this, kindness and understanding are even more important and critical for mental health and care. Before you say something that may be offensive or hurtful think deeply about it, before you judge someone negatively check in with yourself and question why you feel that way, before you act or react in a harmful manner redirect your thoughts or reframe the situation to a more positive light. Be extra sensitive about the needs of others and yourselves and learn to observe and listen first and foremost. Seek guidance from your family and elders, your mentors, your trusted friends and peers or even someone you can confide in. Just simply remember to be kind!

We are all in this together. Let’s flatten the curve and look after ourselves and each other – with kindness, utmost care and unconditional love. United together as one, we can bring forth a world of hope and healing.

Stay blessed.

Trust The Process

No matter where you are right now, who you are with, what you are doing and how you want to grow… trust the process.

New possibilities emerge in every moment, whether we are conscious of them or not. Setbacks and mistakes also realign us to redirect us on our journey to go where we want to go and allow us to be where we need to be. In time, everything starts to make sense. The clouds pass. The dots all connect. The stars align. We realise everything was perfect the whole time, even if we weren’t aware of it.

Infuse your thoughts with positivity. Remember to always be sunny-side up, even in challenging times. Be present and centred, especially in moments of uncertainty. Continue to believe. Stay aligned to your dreams and visions. Truly feel and know that everything is working in your favour!

Trusting the process to me means believing in my personal growth and power and doing everything I can to make things happen. What you do doesn’t have to have immediate impact. However, I know and believe that if I continue to stay committed to my goals and aspirations, that in itself is trusting the process and working towards newer and brighter horizons. Without trust and faith, we are merely machines and we won’t have the ability to invest in what we love and most importantly, ourselves.

These words funnelled its way into my consciousness today and I felt the need to share it. I hope it brings you hope and keeps your faith alive! Remember to also be kind to yourself.

Stay blessed.



Such a beautiful and whimsical word isn’t it? This enchanting word has been a running theme for me this week. It seems to be following me everywhere I go!

Serendipity is the occurrence of an unplanned fortunate discovery as defined via Wikipedia. The reason this word also deeply resonates with me is because ‘Serendip’ was an ancient name for Sri Lanka, my island home. It has mystical resonance to my roots and I feel truly connected to it.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always (typically as an airy-fairy Libran) adored fairytales and stories with happy endings. I love the idea and delightful feeling you get when you get the opportunity to learn about fun, wild and free-spirited characters that go through tumultuous or challenging plots to in the end finally reap the rewards and live a life of happiness and abundance. The exultant tones and bright hues of the illustrations and visuals that depict these stories are also powerful in giving you the feels and soaking up the vibes of the narratives. But enough about fairytales, it’s time for some reality!

So why did I choose to write about happy accidental discoveries today? Well, the current cosmic climate leading to the January 10 full moon lunar eclipse indicates that we are certainly feeling the waves of the astrological shifts and movements. For me personally, I have been feeling a sense of heaviness energetically and feeling exhausted these past few days. I strongly believe that what is outside of us is also affecting what is inside of us. Never fear, this post is not about just doom and gloom.

This post is just a gentle reminder to continue to have faith in your fortunes this week! Think big picture. I have full assurance that we are being intentionally and divinely guided towards a magical destiny, specially and carefully designed for each and every one of us. Although today some feelings may run deep and impulses will run high, we need to stay calm and patient so we can slowly and surely reap the benefits of our newfound freedom that results from the happy and perhaps ‘accidental discoveries’ that await us. Sometimes mistakes and even poor decisions may realign us through our wondrous spiritual paths that are written out for us. Be gentle with yourselves and others! There’s always, always, always a reason for everything in this world. Look beyond what you see on the surface. You will know the underlying truth by the way it feels.

I hope you all have a serendipitous week and keep shining! I wish you kind and wonderful blessings and fairytale-like happy endings and new beginnings.

Stay blessed.


Synchronicities are like warm hugs from the Universe. In the last few weeks I’ve been mind blown by the number of synchronistic events and occurrences in my world. I’ve started to watch them closely now. Not just because they constantly remind me of the causal nature of the bridging between thought and creation but also because they have taught me to be grateful for being divinely guided and blessed.

In fact, just yesterday I wrote a whole blog piece about ‘Synchronicities’. I saved it to publish at a later time and then I just couldn’t retrieve the file. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched endlessly in all my folders and was so sure I saved it carefully on the cloud. That’s ironic right? The fact that I wrote about synchronicities and the content itself disappeared without a sound.

So what’s the lesson here? To let go? To let love? To accept everything as it is and not to question it? To understand the magical nature of life and the universe? To be grateful for the showers of divine energy and blessings? To consciously remember that every thought and intention is being magnified to a whole new magnitude at present?

I could have been easily crestfallen by this experience. However, I am conscious of the fact that when synchronicity occurs it allows us to see and experience the higher power that is at work in our lives. It is important to not take these occurrences for granted and to be truly appreciative of them. I know there is a lesson in all this, even if I don’t understand it at this present moment. These occurrences keep us grounded and remind us that there are so many things happening around and beyond us that we can’t see or decipher.

So what did I want to communicate to you today? In this time of magical thinking and conscious creation, we need to stay continually present and aware of what we are manifesting through our intent and wishes! Think positively. Watch attentively. Wish abundantly. Everything is moving so rapidly. Everything is being digested literally and immediately. There’s no time to waste. There’s no chance of messing about. This is the real deal. It’s 2020! The year of magical manifestations.

This blog post may not be identical to what I wrote yesterday. I have peace in my heart knowing that yesterday’s content was for my own personal soul’s growth and these spiritually charged words were meant to be shared.

Stay blessed.


Twenty Blessings for 2020

We have welcomed a new age… a new era… a new decade that is 2020!

Your visions are clear. Your intentions are set. Your goals are written. Your desires are endless. Your mission is to love. And your blessings are abundant.

This is my prayer and blessings for the upcoming decade… I’d love to share them with you as we continue to connect throughout our individual and collective journeys ‘home’.

  • I bless my connection to the divine universal spirit and will forever stay aligned to its magic.
  • I bless my channels to infinite grace and guidance.
  • I bless my ancestors and spiritual guides for their continued prayers and for watching over me at all times.
  • I bless my life for all that it is and beyond.
  • I bless my soul and its purpose that is now unfolding perfectly.
  • I bless my endless miracles (even the ones that I can’t see).
  • I bless my home as it is my sacred space.
  • I bless my body which is my holy temple and my vehicle to serve.
  • I bless my health and bountiful energy to keep me focused on my path.
  • I bless my loved ones who have committed to share their spiritual and physical journeys with me.
  • I bless mother nature for nurturing and nourishing us.
  • I bless my abundance of wealth to serve those in need.
  • I bless my work to help me grow both personally and professionally.
  • I bless my energy to be filled with light and love always.
  • I bless my knowledge and wisdom to share with the world.
  • I bless my words and actions to communicate only with love.
  • I bless my grateful heart for always being thankful.
  • I bless my silence and opportunities to tune deeply inwards.
  • I bless my kindness because that is my superpower.
  • I bless my everything.

I hope these words bring you peace of mind, open your hearts to know that you are worthy of absolutely everything you desire and enrich your worlds with an abundance of grace and love.

Happy New Year beautiful people! 2020 is going to be just magical.

Stay blessed.

Bright Lights and Festive Spirits

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year.

The world is adorned with bright lights and the energy is filled with festive spirits right now. As we get prepared to give and receive our love and presents/presence tomorrow… let’s also take a moment to feel humbly blessed and grateful for all that we have and all that we are able to share with others and the world.

Let’s also take a moment to think of those that are alone or lonely and don’t have a roof over their heads or a massive Christmas feast to dive into. Let’s think of those less fortunate than us and give back in any simple way or form that we can. You just never know who might be raised in spirit or lifted from despair by your simple act(s) of kindness… whether it’s a smile, a hug, a kind gesture or even just your loving presence. The littlest acts of kindness and grace can go a long way and be treasured for a lifetime, especially by those in need.

We live in a materialistic world and whilst we are very fortunate, every year we accumulate so much ‘stuff’. This holiday season, spend some time decluttering your home, donating items that can be loved by someone else, and clearing out your energies to welcome an era of newness for the new decade that is fast approaching. Speaking of cleansing and clearing, the Solar Eclipse that is to take place on Thursday 26th December at 4:17pm AEDT is a perfect time to sage your home, to write down your intentions and dreams for the upcoming year and beyond and to really hone in on your personal intentions and visions for the future. Leaf out your journals and write down all your wishes. This is spiritually a very significant time to launch into new beginnings, to start fresh and ride the wave of love and divine grace.

You have come so far in the last twelve months and it is important to honour your journey and learnings to help prepare you for what is to come. I truly hope and pray that beautiful things happen to you over this magical season and that you share this beauty with the world to amplify the gift of giving. With every breath and step we take, we are creating moments that we will treasure forever with our loved ones! Be conscious. Be present. Be kind to yourself and others.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a magical decade that we are about to embark on in 2020! I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Stay blessed.

130801 LCC Hareni 6

33 Laps Around the Sun

It’s my birthday month everyone! 33 laps around the sun and counting… and it has been one mammoth journey so far. Plus it’s a ‘palindromic’ age so it is bound to be a stellar year right?

I’ve been pre-occupied lately with my full-time work and part-time study and I have truly missed my reflective journaling sessions. I have been chasing my tail with a busy work and study schedule, stressed, anxious, bewildered and overwhelmed. It’s been an interesting few months (to say the least!) and I am slowly settling into my new lifestyle of juggling multiple commitments. It has been awhile since I have had a full plate of commitments so here we go again!

What has 33 laps around the sun taught me? Here are my top 10 insights from my journey thus far.

  1. The most important thing you can learn to do is to love yourself.
  2. There will (and in most cases) always be a tomorrow… but don’t let that stop you from starting something truly special today.
  3. Hold tight and treasure your closest family and friends. They will see you through the roughest and toughest times.
  4. Never take anything for granted. Every single moment is a blessing.
  5. Stay present always. In a heartbeat, everything around you can change, for better or worse. Live in ‘the now’.
  6. Adopt a learning mindset. There is always something new to learn. And you don’t know what you don’t know. Stay curious!
  7. Accept everything as it comes. Fighting fate won’t do you any favours. Everything passes in time.
  8. Trust your gut. It always knows. Always!
  9. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to others. Your own journey is unique and special. Don’t tarnish it with the pressures and expectations of others.
  10. Forgiveness is a superpower. Let go and let love.

I hope these lessons resonate with you in some shape or form and act as a reminder of how precious life truly is. I am excited to see and experience what the coming year has to offer and to embrace 365 days of newness. Bring on 2020!

Stay blessed.