Full Moon, New Beginnings

The full moon in Libra is giving me all the feels. And so I’ve decided to embark on a new blogging journey to connect with a wider community of people, to expand my tribe, to find more inspiration from within and to share my learnings, stories and experiences.

Every little thing we do in life has a purpose. This blog has a purpose. I’m not sure what that purpose is quite yet but I will believe and trust in this journey and will see where this takes me. I’ve always wanted to get into writing and to express my innermost thoughts, my whispers of the soul… but I’ve always been shy and quiet and a bit introverted. Now… today… following the full moon in Libra… I’ve decided it’s my time to shine. This homegirl is finally coming out of her oyster shell and is ready to be The Pearl of Wisdom. And so she begins….

Stay blessed.

Shell with a pearl on a sea sand.