I believe feedback is a gift! Testimonials say much more than you ever could about yourself.

I have been fortunate and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with some really creative and dynamic leaders and operators.

Trusted by…

“Hareni is extremely intelligent, passionate marketer who is both strategic and executional. I worked with her on a number of strategic partnerships and launches and always found her to be a great partner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hareni.”

Andrew, NSW Australia

“Hareni & I worked together at Harley-Davidson Motor Company Australia & New Zealand from 2015 through to 2017. During this time, Hareni was the Advertising, PR & Promotions Executive.

Whilst working alongside her within an extended Marketing team, I found that Hareni always showed tremendous initiative and commitment to every aspects of her role and every project assigned to her.

Her skills and dedication were well regarded by all members of our team and her strong desire for success was always evident in her attitude and in the quality of the tasks she completed.

It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Hareni.”

Sarah, NSW Australia

I worked with Hareni in the Marketing Team at Eckersley’s Art & Craft. Hareni is hard-working, creative and approachable; particularly from a Graphic Designer’s perspective, Hareni is clear, concise and helpful when briefing and providing feedback. She has a knack for Marketing, she organises and carries out events with ease. Hareni is the kind of worker who never hesitates in offering to lend a hand to other team members, she’s reliable and intuitive. Would absolutely work alongside Hareni again!

Ella, NSW Australia

“It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Hareni at Harley-Davidson Australia for nearly 3 years. Hareni is a very focused, conscientious and committed individual who always delivers and achieves a great outcome.

Hareni’s tenure at H-DA resulted in the strategic planning and execution of many large brand campaigns for the company. She is a great forward thinker, communicator and planner. Her talents also extend into the creative space where Hareni contributed many excellent ideas in brainstorming creative sessions we engaged in with our agency 303MullenLowe.

Hareni has a very calm and tranquil manner which worked extremely well in the face of extreme and frantic timelines we faced often in the day to day running of a large and well recognised brand.

If the opportunity arose, I would have no hesitation in working again with Hareni. With a commercial astute business brain I know she will exceed expectations in whatever path she chooses to go down. Highly recommended.”

Adam, NSW Australia

“I worked with Hareni at Harley-Davidson and she is still sorely missed.

Hareni is a dedicated employee. She’s a hard working brand advocate with a fine attention to detail.

She supported the wider marketing team to achieve above and beyond their internal targets and goals, launching many successful campaigns in market.

I would highly recommend Hareni as an employee for any role she goes for.”

Alexandra, NSW Australia

“Hareni is someone totally dependable, a very safe pair of hands who ensures nothing goes unturned and who will see every detail through until the end and beyond. She is a quiet achiever who only wants success for the team, never wanting the plaudits herself. She was a great marketing partner who wanted to listen and constantly learn and improve.”

Matt, NSW Australia

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Hareni at Harley-Davidson Australia & New Zealand. I supported the Marketing team that Hareni was a part of, and got to work closely with her during this time. Hareni is focused, passionate and creative. I loved getting to watch Hareni in action when she was managing various Marketing and PR projects. She was able to command the attention of those around her and easily found the balance between being assertive to get the job done, but also ensure everyone was taken care of, enjoying themselves and ended the day with a smile. When I started at Harley-Davidson, Hareni was one of the first people to make me feel welcome and always extended the offer of help. Hareni’s calm nature, smile and spirited personality made it an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Kirrilly, NSW Australia

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work closely with Hareni during her time at Harley-Davidson ANZ. Hareni is incredibly intelligent, driven and creative, with the ability to smash deadlines and ‘get it done’. She is very talented in the Marketing Communications space and is highly skilled in driving marketing campaigns from their formation to after action. Her gentle and loving personality are an asset to any team and I am happy to have had the opportunity to not only work with Hareni, but gain a lifelong friend in the process.”

Justine, NSW Australia

“Hareni joined my team at Harley-Davidson in the role of marketing coordinator and within a few short months had asserted herself as one of the calmest, most pleasant and capable up-and-coming marketers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

During her time she coordinated the launch of several new model years and the volume of work that accompanies them, as well as the many campaigns in between and full tactical ownership of the social media content and community strategy.

She always remains calm and focused in the face of the most frenetic timelines of the business and marketing department, with the ever-present multitudes of competing priorities, marketing and media channels, and stakeholders.

It’s a pleasure to lead professionals like Hareni and I know that any brand or team with her on it is in the best hands.”

David, NSW Australia

“Hareni is a very committed individual, where she gives her 110% on any project that is given to her. I have known Hareni in my capacity as the Retail Marketing Manager – ANZ for Toshiba Australia where she directly reported to me. She has been always keen to take on new projects, ideas and any feedback given to her. Her ability to adapt to any work environment and her communication skills are exceptional. Her dedication and motivation towards her role, and her positive work attitude made it a pleasure to have her as part of my team.”

Farzeen, NSW Australia

“Hareni is a delight! She is a rare and special sole who brings a particular energy to any endeavor. Intelligent, frighteningly organised, challenging when necessary, always with an eye on the end game – Hareni is a team player who looks-out for those around her and makes sure no one is left behind. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Hareni you should grab it with both hands.”

Will, NSW Australia

“Hareni joined us in late 2011 and straight away made an impact both to our market and internally. She is clear, composed and positive and her organisation of our marketing programs and activity in our ANZ Group was exceptional. A great team member sorely missed.”

Scott, NSW Australia

“I have known Hareni, in my capacity of National Marketing Communications Manager for Toshiba Australia, from her work with Toshiba as Marketing Communications Coordinator.

Hareni is a take-charge person who maintained a strong and positive relationship with everyone inside and outside the team, creating a professional and productive environment.

I was impressed by Hareni’s diligence and work ethics as well as her dedication to any endeavour she has been involved with. She is organised, efficient and extremely competent.

Hareni’s communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She is a team player who has an excellent rapport with employees at all levels. Hareni will be a valuable asset for any organisation.”

Mariana, NSW Australia

“Hareni was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has great project managment skills and eye for detail. Hareni’s role at MYOB involved a variety of projects including copywriting, event management, advertising, sponsorship and product management, all of which she carried out successfully. Hareni was a great team player, and I would definetly recomend Hareni for any future marketing roles.”

Christine, NSW Australia

“Hareni has a natural ability to build and maintain quality relationships. She’s an extremely supportive and caring person. I worked with Hareni for 18 months. We were located in different countries and she always went the extra mile to achieve results. Her marketing expertise made her an asset to a high-performing marketing team. She is a clear communicator and challenges thinking to ensure clients are kept central in decision making. Hareni is an energetic and consistently positive person.”

Jacob, NSW Australia

“Hareni is an energetic, hard working professional who engages with both internal and external stakeholders at all levels. In my time working with Hareni I found her to be accountable in her role, respected by her peers and well liked within the organisation. I’d have no hesitation recommending Hareni for future Marketing or related roles.”

Andrew, NSW Australia

“I hired Hareni as a graduate into our sales team at MYOB and Hareni was never daunted by any of the roles she was given. One of which included pre sales, demonstrating software applications to accountants. Hareni then progressed into Marketing and impressed with her diligence and hard work as well as utilising the skills and knowledge that she had learnt in sales to good effect for the marketing team. I highly recommend her.”

John, NSW Australia

“Hareni is a sensational marketing coordinator who is detailed, conscientious and fun to work with. She has always been a incredibly hard worker but also thinks deeply about what ever task she is undertaking. She will be deeply missed from our organisation.”

Rob, NSW Australia

“Hareni provided marketing support relating client management while I was with MYOB. Hareni’s work ethic is outstanding and she always went beyond the call of duty to provide for her colleagues. Hareni’s role was one of those roles that others rely upon and Hareni never disappointed. Her sense of humour, her cheeky smile and her real willingness to learn were an added bonus to all. I wish Hareni well and fully recommend Hareni to any employer.

Mark, NSW Australia

“During my time working with Hareni, I’ve always found her to be the consummate professional. Hareni was held in high regard by her MYOB colleagues, not only because of her friendly nature and ‘can-do’ attitude, but also due to her work ethic. Her output has always been of the highest standard and her marketing mind contributed to numerous successful campaigns. She will be an asset to any business and I wish her every success.”

Simon, NSW Australia

“I worked with Hareni on a number of critically important projects and without exception always found her to be a highly supportive and capable colleague. No detail was too small for her to follow-up on, and she always maintained a positive approach in any situation. Hareni exhibited excellent communication and organisational skills, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any individual or organisation.”

Ted, NSW Australia