Let it find you!

Sometimes you just have to let it find you. The dream home, the dream job, the dream soul mate… put it out there. And by that I mean really put it out there! Get yourself ready, start taking action, have the right intent, make some smart decisions, put yourself out there… and let it find you!

Sometimes we find ourselves searching endlessly for what we want and feel like we’re not even getting any closer to having what we want. It can be frustrating, it can be difficult, it can even be challenging. However… we have to keep pushing forward, going forward fearlessly, taking it just one day at a time, with patience and perseverance.

The truth is, life has its own timing. And sometimes when we expect to see things happen in “our timing”, we get utterly and continuously disappointed. That’s why sometimes, you just have to let it go and let ‘it’ find you. Whatever that ‘it’ maybe!

If you’re looking for a sign or angelic guidance… then this is it. All of this is not by chance! I felt so deeply inspired to write this today, by some sort of force or universal guidance. And I just breathed life into these words to bring this piece to light.

I pray with my sincerest heart of hearts that whatever it is that you’re looking for finds you real soon with open and embracing arms!

Stay blessed.

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