When I lived like a Monk

In December 2011, I renounced my modern life for ten days. The most self-transformational experience that I have ever had in life was completing 10 days of absolute silence (aka Vipassana) in Blackheath during the summer. I was blessed to have the opportunity to greet the mountains every morning, to connect to my core ‘being’ on a daily basis, to discover my truth and purpose in life and to fully heal myself from the severities of life.

My key insights from deep contemplation and introspection during these 10 days would be these simple and profound lessons:

1. Pain is only in your mind.

2. Every little atom in every little thing changes in every little moment.

3. Extreme silence is the channel to digging deep.

4. Self-discovery is merely a breath away.

5. Absolutely everything is connected.

6. It all starts with you.

The reason I give importance to meditation in my life is due to the above reasons and wealth of wisdom I gained from my time away from the ‘real world’. There is no secret or trick to a peaceful state of mind other than humbly tuning inwards. It helps you become a better human being, a better leader and the best version of yourself (for yourself).

Here’s to always being sunny-side-up always!

Stay blessed.

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